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White Mountain Chain


Super 2000


Nickel & oversized square studs increase grip, lightness & strength. Steel made w/Chrome, Nickle & Manganese alloyed with Boron then hardened in high tech furnaces makes it possible to produce a “super tough” light weight” chain. Good news for drivers weary of struggling with heavy chains!


Scan Trac


Highway traction & front wheel steering application. Scan Trac is the lightest chain of its kind on the market. It’s made exclusively of the best alloys. Wear bars maintain excellent grip and increase durability. Cam tighteners in side rails ensure quick installation and snug fit. Vertical crossers enhance smooth ride and improved stability around curves. Scan Trac is cost effective choice for highway truckers. Use 6mm hooks 479008 with replacement sections.




Truck chains with HUGE SQUARE Studs! Super 2000 6mm side chain and 8mm hooks provide strength without weight. The next generation, aggressive in appearance and performance.


Super 2000 Grizzly


Grizzly, the “Sledgehammer” in the light & strong ‘S2000 family! Same dimensions and high quality materials - plus crosschains on every second side chain link!


Super Duty


Super Duty. The ultimate in traction & durability.
* Cross chain hooks & side chaine made of hardened Grade 80 steel.
* Cross chains are case hardened creating a level of strength and toughness that is unmatched.
* Hardened boomers vouch for a chain od superior quality


Square Ice

7mm-9/32", 8mm-5/16"

Square Ice cross chains are made with Nickle Manganese and Boron to provide excellent resistance to wear. The square wire links bite into ice and hard pack on highways and secondary roads


White Mountain Chain
Bonners Ferry, Idaho

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