Upcoming HBO Documentary "War Dog" and its UTA Connection


"War Dog: A Soldier's Best Friend," an HBO Documentary about three soldiers and the dogs they partnered with in Iraq and Afghanistan airs on Veteran's Day (November, 11th), on HBO on Demand. It will air on the main HBO network on November 13.

We're proud to report that one of the three soldiers profiled--John Dixon--is the son-in-law of UTA member Gary Conleay. John is an Army Ranger with 13 deployments, and now serves at the Walter Reed Research Center in Bethesda, MD.

The film highlights the intimate relationship between U.S. Special Operations soldiers and their K9s, who serve together as human-animal teams in combat. The soldiers view their dogs as "warriors" who they hold in high regard.

The dogs help save lives by detecting bombs and enemy soldiers. But they also provide emotional support to troops during some of their bleakest hours.

The UTA is very proud of John, and his wife (and Gary's daughter) Carlin.


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