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The Importance of Protecting Your CDL License

TVC Pro-Driver has been protecting drivers and their families for over 30 years. And with over a 92% success rate fighting tickets and accidents for our members, it's no wonder we have helped over 500,000 commercial drivers, and are approaching 14 million total memberships to date, which includes non-commercial drivers and their families in our non-commercial motor club plans.

Whether you are a single driver, an owner operator/lease operator, or a company owner with multiple drivers and trucks, your drivers’ CDL commercial license is your most valuable asset. It allows you to pay for everything you do. Without it, your income or revenue stream stops. You can have all of the nice trucks and trailers out on your lot, but without a driver to drive them, they are just another liability.

And did you know that you are in the only industry where 2 serious traffic violations in a 3 year period results in the suspension of your driver/driving privilege for a minimum of 60 days, and a third serious violation, within that same three year period, results in an additional 120 day suspension. Think about the implications of that as a driver or company owner with drivers. If you are a company driver making $60,000 per year, that's $10,000 of lost income because of those 2 serious violations; and another $20,000 of lost income, if you get that 3rd violation within that 3 year period, not to mention the revenue lost if that driver drives for your company. And it’s not uncommon to receive 2 or 3 of these serious offenses at the same traffic stop. IF YOU, OR YOUR COMPANY PAYS THOSE CITATIONS; YOU JUST ADMITTED GUILT, AND NOW YOU HAVE A MINIMUM 60 DAY VACATION FROM DRIVING. OUCH!

By keeping your driving record as clean as possible, your chance of obtaining the best paying jobs is increased, your personal automobile and commercial truck insurance rates stay the lowest, and as a company owner, your annual insurance audit puts you in the best light with your insurance company because your drivers have the cleanest driving records. For any violations we fight for our members that are dismissed, amended, or reduced, we do a free Data Q Challenge with the FMCSA to help keep your drivers CSA (comprehensive safety analysis) and PSP (preemployment screen) points as low as possible, also improving your company CSA score.

By having a TVC Pro-Driver legal plan, you have peace of mind knowing that if something happens, you can call us 24 hours per day and we will represent you anywhere in the United States and Canada, and you are covered in any vehicle you drive; semi, car, truck, or motorcycle. And if you are married, your spouse is covered in any personal vehicle at no additional fee.

Although our over 92% success rate is impressive, what is more impressive is the accident protection the membership provides to the driver and his family. If you were ever involved in a covered accident and you were criminally charged with manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter, negligent homicide, or vehicular homicide arising from the permitted use of a motor vehicle, TVC would provide an attorney at no cost to the driver to represent him or her for the accident, and also post a $5000 police bail bond to release you from jail..(Some restrictions apply.)

Add to that some of the other benefits included in the TVC Pro-Driver membership, such as a $50,000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment Policy, free towing an road service on your personal automobile in the US and Canada, hotel and car rental discounts 10% to 40% off, a free will, medical discounts at over 410,000 physicians, 45,000 supplemental locations, surgery pre-negotiated at savings up to 50 percent, dental, vision, prescription, imaging, MRI, and lab testing discounts, and a grocery coupon book with over $300 in savings on items you use and buy every day, a mortgage savings program that can literally save you 10's of thousands of dollars in interest on your home mortgage, and the list goes on and on.

And did you also know that our medical discount program gives you the benefit of being able to speak to a physician 24 hours per day, where they will diagnose you if possible over the phone and prescribe a prescription at a local pharmacy wherever you are, for a flat fee of $65.00. Think about it, you get sick out on the road, and rather than having to try to find a walk in clinic and pay $125 to $150 for the visit, you can speak to that doctor right from the seat of your truck, 24 hours per day. HOW COOL IS THAT?

Are you a company driver, or an owner/lease operator? We have benefits available through one of our partner companies that include truck insurance down payment assistance, fuel advances 40% to 50%, bookkeeping and DOT compliance services, load board with guaranteed weekly revenue minimums, and many other benefits. Our factoring rates with our partner company will not be beat, and the first 5 loads you factor through them, if they are under $2000, they will factor for you for NO FEE! THAT'S CORRECT. FREE! That's $500 of savings immediately in your pocket. And if you factor $10,000 per month through their company, you will receive free towing and road service on your tractor trailer.

These are just a small list of the included benefits when you make a smart decision to become a valued TVC Pro-Driver member.

And what's truly amazing to me every day are the amount of benefits our members receive with their membership, and all for less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day; $1.61 per day for all the benefits and peace of mind knowing you have a solid company with over a 30 year track record protecting your CDL license, the source of your income.

Think about this. You spend more money in tips in the restaurant in one month time than it cost you for all of the benefits your TVC Pro-Driver plan provides to your drivers and their families. Just $1.61 per day.

The importance of having someone your side to help protect your CDL license, or the license of your drivers’ and their spouses, cannot be over stressed.

Thank you for your interest and congratulations on your smart decision to join our family of protected TVC members and their families. Just a phone call and you can have you and your family protected. Why don't you make that call today!

To get protected today, or if you have any questions, please feel free to call me, Paul Staples at 800-475-1870, or Molly Staples, at 920-539-5794 or visit us online



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