b'the winter, so when Stacey is able to make a trip, the couple will make the most of it.Eddie drives approximately 11 hours per day and EddieBurtobtainedhisCDLin1999andhasworks a total of about 14, so that leaves little time enjoyedacareerwithvariouscompanies.Henowfor anything besides rest when hes not on the job. worksforRestoredTruckingCompanyoutofExceptwhenspringcomesyoucanfindhimand Rockmart,Georgia,afamilyownedbusiness.IStacey in their vegetable garden, he has become quite really like what I do. I like the spontaneity of it, RTCthe gardener using tips he learned from his late Dad is a great company to work for and really cares aboutand Staceys Dad. He travels all week and makes it their drivers says Eddie. back home to Alabama usually by Friday and then Of course like most truck drivers, he does missleaves out again on Monday morning. He is proud home and family. Its always best when my wife canto be one of many that is out on the road day to day come along with me and now that the kids are grown,transporting goods for the companies RTC provides we can try to make this happen. Eddies wife, Stacey,service.wantstomakeoccasionaltripswith himnowthattheirthreedaughters, Ashley,DanielleandCandaceare all grown up. The couple are also the proud grandparents of three boys and one girl.StaceyenjoysthetripswithEddie because they are able to spend quality timetogetherandshegetstoenjoy thesightsandtravel.Eddiesaysthe loneliness can be rough, especially in 38 TRUCK MARKET NEWS Find it Fast!www.truckmarketnews.com FEBRUARY 2020 FEBRUARY 2020 Dont forget to tell em where you found it! TRUCK MARKET NEWS 39'