b'OKLAHOMA/TEXAS PHILLIP SHELTON DYLAN WEAVER RANDY PREHMOKLAHOMA OKLAHOMA TEXAS405-990-31022018 WILSON DWH-650 41 X 96 X 72 ALL2018WILSONDWH-650CB43X96X78 ELECT. LIFT AXLE, ELECTIRC TARP, ELEC- ALL ALUMINUM ***LIKE NEW, TallBlack Com-TRIC TRAPS, AIR WEIGH SYSTEM, FRONTmander, Large Vibrators1,Row LED lights, Alum LIFT AXLE, LED LIGHTS, LOTS OF EXTRASSubframe, Alum Kingpin, Tires and Brakes 90%, Stk #269509 Call For Price All Alum Wheels, Stk #714802Call For Price2017 WILSON DWH-550CB 43 X 102 X 78 BLACK2016 WILSON DWH-550CB 43 X 96 X 78 ALL COMMANDER, 2 Rows 5 LED lights, Large Vibrators,ALUM ****NICE**, Vibrators, SS Front And Rear,Clear 33x43 RRP Traps, Tires 50%,Virgin All Alum Wheels,Lens LED lights, Front Mudflap, Alum Kingpin, Alum Steel Kingpin, Stk #712873Call For Price Subframe, Tires and Brakes 65% Stk #712050Call For Price2016 WILSON PSDCL-402 52 SPREAD WINTER2011 TIMPTE HOPPER 42 X 96 X 66 SLICK!!! KIT,24.5Tires;FixedSpreadTandemAxle;52ELECT. TAR, New Tarp, New Shurco Elect 4500, LED Spread Axle, Full Winter Kit, LED lights, 3/4 Dog- lights, Qtr. Fenders, Std. Hoppers, 27x31 Direct Drive, house, Full Lift Stk #549531 $Call For Price 70% Tires, Stk #128873Call For Pricewilsontrailer.comScan the code to see all of our New & Used Inventory online.34 TRUCK MARKET NEWS Find it Fast!www.truckmarketnews.com FEBRUARY 2020 FEBRUARY 2020 Dont forget to tell em where you found it! TRUCK MARKET NEWS 35'