b'Dont fall in Love with a Truck! Fall in love withalignment can be done on a test drive. While test the Engine, Transmission, Rear end and electricaldriving, roll down the windows and listen for any system. Buy a brand of truck that can be repairedstrange noises, such as when making a turn, stop-anywhere. Ask around. ping, accelerating, etc.No matter what you get, while its under thatGet it D.O.T. inspected first120 day warranty get that radiator repaired- after 500,000 miles its going to go out.Have it put on a dyno to check to see how much blow-by there is. Maintenance records. If theres no paperwork on a rebuild, assume its original and untouched. Take aLook at everything twice.and do a cam inspec-creeper and gloves, check EVERYTHING, and donttion.be afraid to make the dealer nervous about how long youre taking on your test drive. Make sure its beenYou are going to have down time- Preventative rebuilt completely with record papers and guarantee.Maintenance, Good Warranty, and Good Freight. You can rebuild 2 trucks for what you can buy one Have a reputable mechanic check it out (engine/ new for. transmission). Then get under the truck and look at the brakes (all components of the brake system),Get an oil analysis done also take oil filler cap off suspension system (air bags, springs, hangers, tor- and if shes puffing smoke shes wore out. Also send sion bars, all bolts are tight and proper strength,the transmission fluid out to be tested.etc), electrical system works as designed and prop-erly secured to frame/body/mounts, maintenanceWarranty Warranty Warranty and. Ex-records, and if possible the alignment on steer (donttended Warranties!!!forget steering system components are in good working order) and drive axles. The checking of the 24 TRUCK MARKET NEWS Find it Fast!www.truckmarketnews.com FEBRUARY 2020 FEBRUARY 2020 Dont forget to tell em where you found it! TRUCK MARKET NEWS 25'