b'St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund Hits $3 Million Milestone in Providing Assistance to Over-the-Road Semi-Truck Drivers and Their Families in NeedThe St. Christopher Truckers Relief FundOn January 10th, Steve Scalice was driving his (SCF) announced that it has hit a milestoneKenworth in Arkansas when he suffered a brain since the nonprofits inception in 2008 andhemorrhage. He was in surgery for a couple of has given $3 million in financial assistance ondays to remove a tumor, which kept him out of behalf of over-the-road semi-truck driverscommission for nearly six months.and their families in need. The amount has helped 2,805 drivers and their families who haveI began to panic after trying to get help from suffered financial hardship due to an illnessshort-term disability and other government or injury that caused the driver to be out oforganizations only to be denied, said work for an extended period of time. In 2019Scalice. A fellow truck driver told me about alone, $487,000 has been given on behalf of 344St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund and I truckers and their families. reached out. I got an email response the same day from a representative at SCF. Their team Since 2008, over 3,000 professional driversstepped in almost immediately, and with a little have applied for assistance.The top diagnosesverification, I was able to work on me, and not from the applicant pool includes seriouswhat was piling up financially. Thank you to St. medical issues such as heart attack, stroke,Christopher Truckers Relief Fund and everyone high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer. Mostthat donates to the fund. I am forever grateful professional drivers deal with more than oneand cant thank them enough.of these issues, and many of them are dealing with obesity as well. SCF knows that a lot ofWe are incredibly proud to achieve this these issues can be controlled by, or at leastmilestone because we know that we have helped reduced by, a healthier diet, more movement,many drivers and their families, said Donna smoking cessation, and prevention screenings.Kennedy, SCFs Executive Director. We know That is why the national nonprofit helps beyondthere are more drivers to help, and we look financial assistance by providing health andforward to providing critical assistance during a wellness programs to help educate and supportdifficult time.driver health.14 TRUCK MARKET NEWS Find it Fast!www.truckmarketnews.com FEBRUARY 2020 FEBRUARY 2020 Dont forget to tell em where you found it! TRUCK MARKET NEWS 15'