The Number 1 Problem With DPF/DEF


Driving for years and you know how to test the limits of idling?

We have all heard mechanical trouble can result from long idle times. While maintenance can be costly, sometimes after a long exhausting night, it just may seem worth the risk to keep a set temperature in the cab and get rest. Keeping the motor running is necessary for maintaining a comfortable environment in some conditions.

Well yes, in the older model trucks, long idle time was frowned upon for excessive motor wear and tear, wasted fuel, and of course CO2 emissions in the air. Environmentalists have lessened their cry about idle time on the newer model trucks (2007 to present) due to the DPF/DEF cleaner system emissions. However the damage that idling longer than 15 minutes at a time can do to your engine increased with the addition of the DPF system. For all 2007 and later model trucks made with DPF and DEF systems, idling your engine longer than 15 minutes poses a new threat. Nobody seems to mention the best reason not to idle a 2007 or newer commercial truck.

The no. 1 problem with the DPF/DEF system is that education on how to properly care for the system is not included.

When engine manufactures went from nonDPF to DPF, the system needed education to come with it so that the system would not be abused, causing expensive repairs. The DPF system requires heat and it requires airflow.

When idling your engine, the turbo will not push enough heated air and allow your DPF/DEF system to function as designed. You are a professional driver, be sure to know that you are taking care of your truck properly.

At American Truck Showrooms, we help our customers understand the needs for proper operation of their commercial vehicle engine. Knowing how and why a problem can occur is your first defense as a truck owner against avoiding costly repair. 10-4driver.com

For our customers, we share useful information on how to properly maintain the commercial vehicle they are getting from us, because we want our customers to be successful. Visit us at American Truck Showrooms and let us help you get on the road to truck ownership today.

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