Kings of Corpus Christi


Kings of Corpus Christi - Their Lives, Their Loves and Their Luck.

The most important things in these men's lives were money, truck deals and then maybe beer, whiskey, woman and friends.

They were brought up hard; they lived hard, worked hard and died hard. They all came from poor backgrounds but none of these men were lazy. Some worked harder than others but each had his own story of how hard his young life was and each story was true! They had a lot in common yet each man was different.

They possessed a drive and honor in them you won't see today and will ever see in america again. They were the great generation you hear about!

I never understood the truth about the great generation until I became older. They were special men with special lives and special stories.

They are all gone but not forgotten.

I remember

J.W. Elledge, Slats Allen, Jay Plant, Sonny Thompson, Raymond Jowers

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