Drivers Share Tangible Results From EnerBurn


Owner-operators and small fleets are just some of the transport businesses who are enjoying the benefits of EnerBurn®. EnerBurn is a diesel fuel performance catalyst that is fast becoming a trusted, market-based solution for Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) clogging and “regen” issues. The maintenance costs and down-time associated DPF cleaning and regeneration are garnering a lot of attention, especially in the used truck engine market. It is in this arena that EnerBurn really shines.

EnerBurn is unlike other diesel treatments available today in that its advertising claims are fully validated by third-party engine tests. This is according to Jane K. Gates, a diesel technology expert and distributor of EnerBurn. In addition to those controlled engine tests, EnerBurn enjoys 15 years of use in the industrial diesel engine market that includes over 14 Billion miles logged over the road. With these engineer and field testing credentials the first-time user of EnerBurn can be assured that they are getting what they pay for with no down side for long-term use. “We know that your fleet will run longer, cleaner, and you’ll save money along the way”.

Dr. Gates earned her PhD in Analytical Chemistry and also has a BS in Environmental Engineering. She is adept at statistical methods and has independently determined that the engine test data used to evaluate EnerBurn is “the real deal”. Her company, JKG Fuel Solutions, is committed to bringing the benefits of EnerBurn to any driver seeking to maximize their profitability. EnerBurn effectively solves many of the combustion problems commonly associated with diesel. Helping this sector of small business owners while also doing something good for the environment creates a very positive business mission for JKG Fuel Solutions.

“While we like to think that the engineering test results speak for themselves, the best way to share the Enerburn story is through the “realworld” successes my clients are experiencing,” explains Gates. “Each new client prospect is provided with a list of client references who are long-term customers. They can call anyone on the list to share “driver-to-driver” experiences surrounding DPF maintenance practices and how EnerBurn is helping.” These positive experiences are the direct result of the enhanced fuel combustion efficiency caused by EnerBurn. It is Gates’ assertion that driver-reported results complement the portfolio of EnerBurn engineering test reports. Owneroperators of OTR rigs have an excellent feel for how their truck engines perform. With initial use of EnerBurn they often report immediate improvements in DPF performance. Enhanced engine performance may take a bit longer to develop, depending on the size and condition of the engine. Drivers typically report increased pulling power, fewer “parked regens”, and reduced consumption of diesel fuel and DEF fluid. The following selection of EnerBurn “success stories” have been shared by drivers just like you…

Nate owns a 2015 Kenworth truck with a Cummins engine and purchased EnerBurn in hopes of preventing future DPF issues. After the first 3,000 miles of treatment Nate took the truck to a Cummins dealer to read the ECM. The DPF back pressure reading had dropped from 1.5 to 0.4 since using EnerBurn. After 6 weeks of continual use of EnerBurn, Nate also noticed more power, less lube oil consumption, and the lube oil was staying cleaner longer. In Nate’s words, he was “very impressed with the product”.

Kevin is an owner-operator who used EnerBurn to bring his 2009 Kenworth with a Cummins engine “back from the brink”. The truck was purchased used in 2014 with one million miles. Shortly thereafter, Kevin started having regen problems. When the DPF dashboard light came on Kevin took the truck to the Kenworth dealer; the clogged filter was found to also have hairline cracks. The price quoted to replace it was $4,000. That’s when a friend told Kevin about EnerBurn. After using EnerBurn for 18 days, Kevin reported his regen issues had been completely eliminated and the engine was idling smoother. After 8 weeks’ continual use of EnerBurn, Kevin had no new DPF regen issues to report and his average MPG had noticeably improved. As a previous fleet services manager, Kevin had encountered many after-market products and had never seen a “fuel additive” produce this kind of result.

Don owns a rig outfitted with a 2010 Caterpillar C15 engine. Don has a governor on his engine that caps his max speed at 65mph, thus reducing variation of fuel consumption. Over the first 70,000 miles of using EnerBurn, Don documented savings of $3,300 in diesel fuel. This figure doubles with the avoided expenses and down-time related to DPF cleaning and ARD head replacement. Don’s cost for EnerBurn over the same 70,000 mile treatment period was $1,200 or $0.017 per mile. Don is very happy with the extra money he keeps from his business.

For more information, contact Jane Gates at JKG Fuel Solutions, distributor for EnerBurn at http://betterdiesel.com

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