Couples Make The Most of The Driving Experience


Eddie Burt first obtained his CDL in 1999. For the last 17 years he has enjoyed a career with various companies, but has worked for Builders Transportation out of Memphis, Tennessee since 2012. “I really like what I do. I like the spontaneity of it,” says Eddie. Of course like most truck drivers, he does miss home and family. “It’s always best when my wife can come along with me and now that the kids are grown, we can do that more often.” Eddie’s wife, Stacy does occasionally make trips with him now that their 3 daughters, Ashley, Danielle, and Candace are all grown up. The couple are also the proud grandparents of 3 boys and 1 girl.

Stacy enjoys the trips with Eddie because they are able to spend quality time together and she gets to enjoy the sights and travel. Eddie says the loneliness can be rough, especially in the winter, so when Stacy is able to make the trip, the couple makes the most of it. Eddie drives approximately 11 hours per day and works a total of about 14, so that leaves little time for anything besides rest when he’s not on the job. He travels all week and makes it back home to Alabama usually by Friday evening and then leaves out again on Sunday morning.

Marcia and Tommy are not only married, they are partner drivers. After the kids grew up, they found themselves in search of a new career and driving was something they both wanted to try. As owner-operators, they control their own schedule and enjoy all the aspects of driving as a team. They each are able to log approximately 10 hours per day of driving when they choose to. “We run our business together and it is a great feeling,” says Marcia. “We are able to spend all of our time together and as a couple it just works out for the best. We trust each other’s driving, so taking turns resting is never a problem.” Tommy and Marcia raised their 2 sons to be hardworking young men, and they are proud of how they have turned out. “We are still working hard,” says Tommy. “The kids grew up watching us both work hard jobs, and now the grandkids are growing up seeing Pops and Mimi work hard as a team. We love what we do.”

Kevin and Michelle, from Kent Washington also take advantage of being a team on the road. Kevin does all the driving, but Michelle handles much of his administrative tasks, and she makes the trips so much easier for them both. “I like to tell folks that I have a corner office with great window views, and my secretary sits right beside me,” says Kevin while laughing. Michelle enjoys sight seeing and singing while her husband drives and the two also enjoy taking in the truck shows. “We love everything about the trucking industry, we are career professionals,” explains Michelle. “I would recommend this career to any couple who has the opportunity. You can’t beat the new experiences and it is great for any relationship. We are best friends.”

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